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Ridiculously Interesting Things

Three children pose in a Victorian photograph with a mother hiding in the background.Map of Canada made of processed cheese on toast by Tibi Tibi Neuspiel.Petrina Hicks, Lauren with Fruit, 2011Mug shot of Mary Spanger, New Zealand criminal from 19th centuryIdiots, Ophelia, 20051893 mug shot of two year old Francois Bertillon

Walter Potter Kitten WeddingChristina Bothwell, Kundalini, 2011James Reynold last meals series: KFC for John Wayne GacyDetail of James Lomax's sculpture of inflatable skins.


Models for Grant Wood's American Gothichubert duprat caddisfly bejeweled bugs
Agnes Richter's embroidered straitjacketStephanie Casper Knit Meat roast chickenTwo headed porcelain figurine by Shary BoyleInternet Archaeology: The Awesome Kitty ClubE.J.Bellocq photograph of Storyville prostitute with face scratched outJapanese netsuke with cluster of rats made of ivoryMr and Mrs Bese Cuppers and Leechers, vintage ad for medical leechesTiger automaton mauling a man in European dressTwo little girls captivated by looking through a vent instead of the modern art on the museum walls.Case with green enamel hair brush set strapped to lid.
A strange humanoid creature by Charles WatertonKlaus Pichler Dust series DressmakerAd with woman laughing alone with saladIrina Werning Maartje 1990 and 2011 AmsterdamRobert Gligorov's installation with canaries playing pianosWWII Parachute Crash Test DummyIllustration of a cat organ from La Nature, 1883Rare early nineteenth century walking doll with eight legs that rotate like a wheel.

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