Who are we?

For those with a taste for the peculiar, The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things is an imaginary museum that explores the strange place between art and curiosities.

The museum celebrates the odd, the creative, the spooky and the eccentric. We value the special magic that draws people toward weird and wonderful things, and we believe it can be used to foster more creativity, compassion and curiosity in the world.

The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things started out in 2011 as the personal blog of Chelsea Nichols. After a period of outrageous neglect and decay, it was relaunched in 2019 as an umbrella site for a series of digital, curatorial and writing projects dedicated to making the world a weirder and more interesting place.

Chelsea Nichols curator art historian

The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things is written by curator and art historian, Dr Chelsea Nichols. She is a curator whose expertise is in the strange and dark corners of art history, where monstrous things lurk.

Chelsea has a PhD from the University of Oxford (2014), where her doctoral thesis examined so-called human curiosities in contemporary art. Most recently she was the Curator of Modern Art at Te Papa in Wellington, New Zealand from 2013-2019, where some of her favorite projects included an interactive art exhibition called Curious Creatures and Marvellous Monsters and gallery tours with a paranormal investigator.

Her mission in life is to get more people into art, through a very weird-shaped door probably hidden somewhere in a haunted house.

The ridiculously interesting team will be growing over the next little while, so check back here for the addition of shiny new curators. In the meantime, you can read guest posts by some of our honorary curators here.