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Dispenser of gum and nightmares

Vintage gum dispenser with a creepy animatronic face and the words 'Blinkey Eye Soda Mint Gum'
Side view of a vintage gum dispenser with creepy animatronic face and the words 'Chew Soda Mint Gum'

This is the Blinkey Eyes Soda Mint Gum vending machine, made around 1907. The gum dispenser that’s perfect for when you want a minty flavor AND a terrifying nightmare. ⁣

The eyes actually blink when gum is dispensed. Horrifying.

These creepy machines were made from cast-iron by the Standard Gum Machine Company in Pittsburgh, PA. Although rare today, these would have been commonly found in Pennsylvania candy shops and soda fountains in the early 20th century.

This is one of those historical curiosities that definitely looks like it has a terrifying ghost trapped inside it. Would you dare to insert a coin and push the button?

Painted version of the Blinkey Eye Soda Mint Gum machine

Images from here, here and here. I find the machines with the face paint worn off to be the most unsettling — which one would haunt your dreams the most?

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  2. Deacon_Spires

    Haha. Well sort of… sums it up perfectly. Surely that person who paid $27,000(!) for one of them took video at some point. Or maybe they tried, and were never heard from again :)

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