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Scary vintage Krampus claws

In Central European folklore, Krampus is the scary counterpart of Santa — a horned, demonic creature who punishes naughty children during the Christmas season.

These home-made vintage Krampus gloves come from a small town in Austria, where they were worn at an annual Krampus Festival for nearly 70 years. They are made from goat hair, antlers and (presumably) the screams of terrified children.

There is a German children’s rhyme hand-written on the palms of the gloves. The original seller provided this rough translation of the words:

Hey kids – if you cheat your father, mother and friends;

If you make noise in the school like you are in a flea market;

If you are really noisy like that, then i know I must come to scare you!

BUT if you are good children and don’t make any of above and don’t lie,

We will enjoy this party together and flourish!

The words are difficult to read, but I would love to hear from any sharp-eyed German speakers whether that translation is correct!

These amazing gloves were sold by vintage costume dealer TiffLittleFingers in April 2020. Her wonderful Etsy shop can also be found here.

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  1. farulf

    the translation is definitely not ok. it is impossible to read many parts of it, but starting with the end of the second line – ‘…you only me’ third line after comma – ‘…how you lie and squander like you disrupt the classroom (school)’ -here it is interesting because lügen / betrügen rhyme so it gives the text a limmerick-like quality- 6th line – ‘as if you are at an annual market’ -the implication is that your being like a caller or scheister at a carnival- 7th line – ‘when you fuck about and break the law’ 8th line – ‘and each other…’ 9th line – ‘then i’ll know…’ 10th line – ‘ my time, because…’ 11th line – ‘you’ve certainly earned it!’

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