The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things

The nun’s back side

At first, this 18th century painting appears to be a straightforward religious image of a nun kneeling piously in prayer.

But it is actually a double-sided painting! If you flip it around, the back side of the painting reveals…

…the back side of the nun! 🍑  🍑  🍑 

This saucy work was painting in 1731 (!) by Dutch-Swedish painter Martin Van Meytens the Younger, known by serious art historians like me as the Sir Mix-A-Lot of the 18th century. Notice the lecherous monk on the front of the painting. This can be understood to mean that the artist doth like big butts and he cannot lie, and thou other Brothers can ne’er deny.

From the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm. With thanks to the amazing Whores of Yore, who are an absolute treasure trove of lewd, nude and rude historical delights.

Oh my God, Sister Becky, look at her butt.

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